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Great work Robert!

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Robert, Thanks for writing about Ukraine! Your piece on Bloomberg is also very good. We're doing an online event on Ukraine within Harvard OPM Community. Would you be able to join this Saturday? If YES, please connect with me at v (at) berezhniy (dot) com

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Well done Robert. It was a serious mistake for Biden to have repeatedly made clear that the U.S. and NATO would not send troops even as he was confident saying to the world that Russia was going to physically invade. Had the US sent a division, most likely the 82nd airborne in December or January, along with one Brit division, one French and one Polish, not to the borders of Russia, but perhaps East and South of Kyiv, the signal would have been clear and the table turned: the next move would be Putin's, as Kennedy turned the tables in the Cuban Missile crisis by daring to stop and search Russian ships...they could acquiesce, or escalate...they chose to stand down aided by very good back channels to swap away threatening missiles close to the USSR and in Cuba, to the US mainland.

Presumably Putin's amazing threat if anyone aids Ukraine means that the arms which we are continuing to send, quietly I'm sure, might be under the bluster...if that's what it is.

I'm afraid that Putin has read the Biden Administration the same way Hitler read Britain, France and the US, 1936-1938...too fearful to act. And when they finally did, September 1939, they had thrown away the ability to head off the worst.

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